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Cultural Fit, Right Talent for Business Success

Epsilon Solutions, a talent acquisition specialists and upskilling company, we have been providing services to global clients since 2013.

In addition to it, we have multiple training facilities and practice labs created by leading cloud providers. 

Train to Hire

Interested in ramping up your project quickly with a trained workforce? Our Train to Hire​ Service is designed to find the best talent for your urgent needs.

Direct Hire

Epsilon Solutions is expert in finding highly qualified candidates for your direct hire positions from entry to executive-level positions across all verticals.

Staff Augmentation

We help organizations transform the way they source, manage, and develop their workforces to ensure they have the right talent today, and for the future.

A smart way to hire talent

As a leading Retraining and Workforce Solutions provider, we apply ambition and a customer-centric approach with a rich appreciation of how to balance people, technology, process and data to breathe life into your business strategy.  We make a flexible workforce work for you.

Financial Staffing

From global banks to fintech companies, we help organizations with scalable managed IT services and in hiring the right talent.

Software and Research

We blend our wide technology reach with smart business solutions to help shape the growth of the company’s core business.

Communication Staffing

We help enable communication service providers with operations, IT and business functions along with finding the right fit to emerge stronger.

Manufacturing Staffing

Enables manufacturers to adjust their business models by providing technology and IT consulting and staffing services to meet increased customer demand.

Energy Staffing

We provide solutions that enable energy and utility organizations in the optimum utilization of resources and skills and provide specific IT consulting services.

Logistics Staffing

In times when supply chain management is more important than ever, we take care of all your staffing and end-to-end logistics while you focus on the bottom line.

Train & Deploy Solutions

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with all the latest technologies required for delivering the perfect training and a team that understands the clients’ needs and technologies like the back of their hand

Train, and Deploy is a service that is based on the exact skill set required by the companies, the T&D service providers train the resources and deploy them with the clients once the training is over. Companies save a lot of time and money through this system and get the resources with the exact skillset. Train and Deploy is slowly becoming one of the most popular staffing services.

Talent Factory

Talent groomed for your need.

Finding and hiring skilled talent is more significant than ever before. Talent Factory has the tools to connect companies with the best people, and individuals with the right opportunities that align with their skills and goals.


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A smart way to hire talent

1. Source

We source talents from Top universities and colleges across North America, Talent goes through a strict selection process and is accessed on skill fronts. Sourcing  the right candidates.

2. Prepare

Epsilon Solutions Ltd. identifies the strong areas of sourced talent and put them through a project-based learning process to ensure they are ready to join the workforce. Training the exact skillset 

3. Deploy

Talent goes through the selection process by Employers on cleaning the process they are deployed on employers project. Honing their existing skills, and helping them learn new skills

Re-skill Your Workforce

Talent groomed for your need.

Rapidly evolving technologies and changes in the digital landscape have forced companies to look for talents proficient with emerging technologies. Repurpose of, talent is no longer a choice. Its mandate is to meet today’s customer demand, and it’s vital for growth.

#Re-skill from Epsilon Solutions Ltd. helps companies realign and stay competitive by upskilling/re-training their teams. We provide a range of training programs from social to tech to completely transform your workforce.


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Three Simple Steps of Re-Skill

Epsilon Solutions Ltd. provide tailored, interactive and complete hands-on programs to upskill your team on cutting edge technologies. Our post reskill support ensures that teams are able to take their learning to next level.

1. Customized Approach

Epsilon Solutions Ltd. follows the complete discovery process to ensure we understand your re-skill need and customize content to meet your demand for reskilling workforce.

2. Pragmatic

We firmly believe in learning by doing, Content is well designed with tons of hands-on practices and team ensure that learners follows subject by doing relevant exercises.

3. Continual

Epsilon Solutions Ltd. trainer are industry leaders and shares their experience with you. We continue to provide the support after re-skill to ensure all queries are answered well